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Stalker APC

Stalker APC

The Stalker Pumps APC Range are designed, engineered & manufactured in Perth, Western Australia. APC Units are customised to suit specific project needs, with in-house casting of all metals means competitive pricing, short lead times and quality control.

Applications & Options:

  • Stalker offer an experienced drafting, fabrication & installation team for complete customised pumping solutions, configured to suit a wide variety of applications including clean water, sea water, raw water, process water, waste water, sewage and hazardous fluids, as well as corrosive liquids.
  • Base frame mounted and/or heavy duty trailer mounted assemblies available.
  • Engine: Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit – customer specified units available
  • Fuel Tank: Bunded fuel tank.
  • Control Panel: Engine manufacturer standard panel, or additionally client specified and/ or telemetry can be fitted.
  • Fuel Filling standard or optional: Hydrau-Flo fuelling system.
  • Wiring: Mine spec or MDG15 available.
  • Pipework: Suction booms, discharge pipework – to customers specifications.
  • Various material options

Operating Limits: (Model Dependant, Refer to Individual Model Curves)

Max Flow 500 L/Sec

Max Pressure 200 M/Hd

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Stalker APR

Stalker APR

Stalker Pumps APR Pumps are self-priming eliminating the need to prime the pump before operation as with centrifugal pumps. The proven mechanical design provides excellent reliability and easy service maintenance. The Primary design application is for dewatering.

Applications & Options:

  • Major components manufactured from heavy section castings in materials to suit application.
  • Highly durable rotating element designed using AS2837-316 stainless steel for shafts, sealed for life, re-grease able or oil fed long life bearings, DIN 24960 rubber bellows type Mechanical seals with a variety of seat face options, both open and closed impeller designs available.
  • Fasteners – 8.8 grade high tensile zinc coated and stainless steel 316 grade.
  • Direct coupled units fitted with heavy duty pin bush or flexible tyre coupling fully enclosed in an anti-scatter guard.
  • Pulley drive option features a heavy duty double row bearing fitted for overhung loading.
  • Mounting options – trailer mounted, heavy duty base frames in materials to AS3679 – open direct mount, open skid type or skid type with fuel tank fitted.
  • Engine configurations in both petrol and diesel models with performance and capacity to suit to application from reputable OEM suppliers: – Caterpillar, Cummins, Perkins, Honda, Yanmar and Deutz.
  • Various Material Options Available.

Operating Limits: (Model Dependant, Refer to Individual Model Curves)

Max Flow 350 L/Sec

Max Pressure 90M/Hd

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Stalker Compact

Stalker Compact

Stalker Pumps Compact Series are designed using heavy material sections for strength and durability. This range is especially suited for agricultural, domestic and industrial applications.


  • Casing/Impeller/Intermediate Cover/ Motor End Coupling – Cast Iron to AS1830.
  • Direct shaft mounted Impeller.
  • Fasteners – Zn Coated 4.6 – 8.8 grade.
  • All Gaskets and Seals utilised on assembly are manufactured from proven long life materials.
  • The Ball Bearings fitted to the rotating element are long life heavy duty which can be supplied in sealed for life or grease lubricated assemblies.
  • Mechanical seals are to DIN 24960 and are rubber bellows type with hard faced seats.
  • Electric Motors are fitted to suit Tropical conditions.

Operating Limits: (Model Dependant, Refer to Individual Model Curves)

Max Flow 14 L/Sec

Max Pressure 55M/Hd

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Stalker ISO

Stalker ISO

The Stalker ISO are manufactured in Western Australia to the highest quality, employing the best engineering practices available. Their ISO range are designed and manufactured to internationally recognised ISO 2858 standard.

Applications & Options:

  • Available as standard direct coupled units suitable for direct coupling or pulley driven by electric motors, petrol or diesel engines and hydraulic motors.
  • Manufactured for close coupling to electric motors.
  • Suitable for pumping clean water, sea water, raw water, process water, waste water, sewage and hazardous as well as corrosive liquids.
  • Supplied as stand-alone units or coupled to the drive of your choice.
  • Mounted base frame and/or Heavy duty Trailer mounted assemblies available.
  • Can be configured to suit a wide variety of application conditions which are not catered for by other manufacturers.
  • Consumable material options available for high tensile fasteners, high grade material O-rings, oil seals and mechanical seals.
  • Various material options.

Operating Limits: (Model Dependant, Refer to Individual Model Curves)

Heads: up to 160 metres

Capacities: up to 250 litres per second

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Stalker SHD

Stalker SHD

The SHD Series is the Stalker Heavy Duty Pump Range. Their primary design application is mine dewatering. The Heavy duty build options available on all 400 and 500mm impeller series ISO class pumps.

Applications & Options:

  • Suction and Discharge flanges – heavy duty with hole patterns to ANSI Class 150 and 300.
  • Major cast components manufactured from heavy section abrasion resistant white iron complying with AS2027. dditional components cast from heavy section Spheroidal Graphite (SG) iron complying with AS1831 400 Mpa tensile. Impeller material – H3B (AS2074) heat treated stainless steel.
  • Shaft material – alloy steel to AS1444-4140 max. 1100 Mpa UTS with O-ring sealed wear sleeve fitted (material AS2837 – 316 stainless steel).
  • Mechanical Seal Assembly Cartridge type -heavy duty to suit application.
  • Gaskets/Seals/O-rings – insertion rubber/nitrile (viton fluroelastomer option).
  • Fasteners – 8.8 grade high tensile Zinc coated and 316 stainless steel.
  • Rotating Element Bearings – front angular contact 7316 series & heavy duty ball 6316 (C3) series bearing.
  • Rear – heavy duty 6316 (C3) series ball bearing.
  • Grease feed with purge flingers.
  • Optional builds include compressor assisted pump pre-prime units, base and trailer mounted units.
  • Various Material Options Available

Operating Limits:  (Model Dependant, Refer to Individual Model Curves)

Max Flow: 500 L/sec

Max Pressure: 250 M/Hd

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