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Blivet, Sewage Treatment Plants

Blivet, Sewage Treatment Plants

Industrial Pumping P/L are the sole agents for the Blivet STP systems into Papua New Guinea.

Blivet STP’s are a standalone, basic, simple and reliable sewage treatment plant, designed to accept raw sewage and produce a final effluent quality suitable for subsurface irrigation.

There are over 8 different sized Blivet STP’s ranging from a small system for about 20 people, to the largest Blivet BL4000, which is designed for a “person organic loading” of 400 people. 

The Blivet system is extremely simple, there are no air blowers, no dosing pumps, no chemicals or complex transfer pumps. The Blivet BL4000 STP is the size of a standalone 40’ container. It has a single 415 volt 1.1kW gear drive motor and single 240-volt submersible pump, that’s ALL! 

A single trained operator only needs to check on the plant for 10 minutes a day, with a greasing and screen wash service 30 minutes every week. Only after 6 months operation, sediment from inside the Blivet will need to be removed using a vacuum tanker. The Blivet STP is quiet, odour free, and extremely reliable! 

The BL4000 is assembled on site, it comes inside a standard 40’ container. Access to a small crane to lift sections of the plant on assembly is required. The Blivet STP can be placed on a concrete slab on the surface, or it can be partially buried up to its lid. If the elevations are available, you can feed raw sewage by gravity, or you can feed the STP from pump stations. 

The quality of the treated fluid effluent, from the Blivet STP meets the Australian “irrigation quality”, so it can be disposed of by subsurface irrigation or into soak-away pits. The effluent cannot be disposed of into streams without further treatment.

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